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Susan Margolis Stillman

I live outside of Washington, D.C.  I have three sons and a daughter.  My second son has a genetic disorder called Familial Dysautonomia.  He has a feeding tube and is medically fragile.  His life is hard, which makes my life a bit harder.  I had breast cancer in 2010 – a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation made that a distant memory.  The hurdles in my life are not so unusual but they have given me a unique perspective on living in the moment and zeroing in on the important things in life. I was born with resilience and optimism, mixed with snarkiness and realism.  Some find it an entertaining and inspiring mixture.  Others don’t, I’m sure.

I am especially close with my little sister, who is a talented writer currently on hiatus (she “lost her muse,” she muses.)  After our mother died in 2013, I seemed to be spouting all of my insightful wisdom in the form of “Let me tell you something…” which me and my sister found endlessly amusing.  As does my husband.  Since they are the closest recipients of my regular commentary, they serve as my editors in this venture.  Their wit, intellect, and the ability to be inside of my head are invaluable for this purpose (and many others too.) The two of them say, “Watch out; she’s dropping a wisdom bomb on us.”

I hope you agree it’s wisdom dropping on you, and not just droppings.

9 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hey Susan. I just read your blog: desperate for respite. I really liked it! (I was wondering if you were going to go to Israel. I got my answer!) As always, your article is touching, filled with practical wisdom, and tinged with humor. Keep writing, my friend. You do a beautiful job!

  2. From one writer to another, Susan, your writing is so touching. Thanks for sharing your life with readers from all over. Have a good trip and stay safe! With love, Laurie & Frank

  3. Amazing Susan, just amazing Thank you very much for inviting me to read your wonderful words. I look forward to your next post. I admire your resilience, optimism and LOVE your snarkiness.

  4. Just love your wonderful writing. You have a gift & I thank you for sharing it. Write more often! Travel safely! Xox

  5. Susan, your writing is as beautiful as it is wise and I thank you for inviting me to read it. Your strength is heartening and your vulnerability deeply appreciated. I’ll be reading…..

  6. Love love love reading your blog. You make me laugh but I can be in awe of you at the same time! I love that you are so honest. 🙂

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